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Better a Natural Beard Oil

If you know me, you will know that I am suffering from a good number of allergies. This is certainly a main reason that I am always looking to get all natural products, especially when it comes to things such as cosmetics, skin care and in particular care for my beard.

peppermint_grande beard oil
This “OldStreetBarber” Beard Oil is reasonably priced despite its outstanding quality.

I already had some pretty negative experiences with cheap beard oils where it turned out that those contained all sorts of harmful chemicals including colourings, preservatives, mineral oil and other such ingredients.

So it was just logical that I started to look for all natural beard oils.

Low and behold, with some of the better natural beard oils you can get today, not only did they help getting rid of my allergy symptoms such as itching and rashes, they also help my beard be a lot more smoother.

Another advantage of those natural beard oils is that their Cents are usually a lot better without being too intrusive or outright appalling. My wife especially likes those beard oils that contain natural peppermint, cedar wood and cinnamon cents.

My favourite all natural beard oil that I found so far is the beard oil from the Old Street Barber company. This is a small company that makes natural beard oil and other beauty products they pride themselves in only using the best ingredients. And it definitely shows, if you ask me!! T

he scent is just awesome and my beard is now as smooth as never before and very easy to maintain and care for. I also like that their beard oils are reasonably priced, despite the high quality of their products! So, I’d say you should really check them out if you’re looking for a good, natural beard oil!

Is Concert Security A Concern For You?

door-supervisorsIf good security for your music venues is not a real concern for you I can let you know that it definitely should be.

The reason is that for most venues and concert organizers today, increased security such as proper door supervision normally will also translate into higher revenue.

Outdoor venues in particular may often see a rather high percentage of nonpaying visitors.

Properly trained and skilled door supervisors can keep their numbers down, therefore helping to sell more tickets.

In addition to that, increased security will normally also add to more confidence and a feeling of security for your visitors.

Friendly and competent door supervisors for your music venue or concert will significantly add to your overall security and safety.

But proper door supervision for your venue will have more advantages

For certain types of events, your first impression may well be the most important one. This is where good security and door supervision will also come in very helpful. When your staff is friendly, smart and approachable this can often make all the difference for a good impression amongst your visitors and guests.

If you happen to be the owner of an entertainment venue in the United Kingdom, such as if you own a bar, nightclub, theatre or any other concert venue you should not skimp on your door security. You can learn all about my recommended door supervisors Exeter at Titan’s Security website.

Shelton’s 2015 Sinatra Tribute Concerts At The Palladium

Celebrated Sinatra interpreter Richard Shelton will join next year’s performance at the London Palladium for the world premiere of Sinatra 100 where he together with other performers will be celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the singer.

The performances will take place in the same iconic venue were Sinatra make his British singing debut in 1950.

Shelton, who is also known for his role as Adam Forsythe from the soap Emmerdale today is one of the world’s best Sinatra interpreters.

Together with Richard Shelton there will be many more stars and celebrities, but those are still be announced. The producer’s goal for the upcoming shows at the London Palladium is to bring Sinatra’s music alive with the world’s best  artists.

The shows will also feature the world’s biggest big-band.